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The chords, the lyrics, the message. never let down


of all the albums out there this is the one i identify with the most. if you’re wondering why i’m not as ever-present all i can say is, all things must pass. love to all and peace upon everyone. i’ll be around but not that much.

in the meantime, chill out with ol’ GH and get out there, mix it up

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Mason Jennings

Mason Jennings - Instrument


What went wrong? Nothing and everything.
High Fidelity - Nick Hornby

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Bob Ducca remembers Ryan Davis

Bob Ducca




On Sunday, at the Cards Against Humanity panel at PAX Prime, the hosts brought up a number of guests in order to pay tribute to our friend Ryan Davis. My buddy Eric Pope shared with the audience and the people watching the live stream the above audio, which I now share with you.

Ryan loved Comedy Bang Bang, and particularly loved the character Bob Ducca. I asked Seth Morris to make something as Bob Ducca that I could share with Ryan’s friends and coworkers. Seth didn’t know Ryan, and he didn’t have to do this. But he did, because Seth is awesome. 

It’s a small thing, really. I was watching the live stream on Sunday, and got to hear people laugh. And that made me feel good. I’m glad a lot of people will hear this, because I think it’s really funny.

My god that was hilarious. My face hurts from laughing so hard. Big thumbs up to Seth Morris. 

It pains me to know that Ryan won’t get a chance to hear this, so I’m sharing this so more people can enjoy it in his honor, it’s the next best thing. 


I love you Seth Morris


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Small Clone

Mayer Hawthorne

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Changing Of The Seasons

Two Door Cinema Club

Love it love it

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Chews to Lose, Comedy Bang! Bang!

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Return the Favor

We Are Scientists

We Are Scientists - Return the Favor